Project:Choi Choong-yeon, a young player from Samsung

Choi Choong-yeon (22) made her first start as a starting pitcher this season.

Choi started the game at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on Tuesday in an exhibition game against NC in the MY CAR KBO league of Shinhan Bank. During the 42⁄3 innings, he pitched 83 pitches, seven hits, one hit, one homer, one walk, five strikeouts, and three runs. The ERA rose to 5.79.

Choi Chung-yeon, who played as a reliever last year, changed her position as a starting pitcher this season. In the non-season spring camp, he took starting lessons by increasing the number of pitches. However, his performance in the practice game was not good. He played in six innings in two games, recording nine hits, four walks, six strikeouts, and eight runs (7 earned runs). The ERA also soared to 10.50.

Since it was a real game against NC, he pitched 83 pitches to test different pitches. He played fastballs, sliders, curves, and folk balls. The maximum speed of fastballs was 146 kilometers.

The early start was good. Kim Tae-jin and Noh Jin-hyuk, the leading batters of the league, have returned to 안전놀이터strikeouts one after another. Later, Park allowed a heavy hit, but Christian Betancourt finished the first inning with a flyout on third base. In the second inning, he only gave Lee a hit in the game without a goal.

With three hits in the third inning, Choi smiled, finishing off the fourth inning with three hits. However, it was painful to give up a double throw to his opponent Noh Jin-hyuk in the fifth inning. After the Rainfall Cold Game was declared in the top of the eighth inning, he ended the game with a score of 1-3 to become a losing pitcher.

Although he had a lot of runs and hits, he showed good pitching in terms of strikeouts and ground ball inducement. This is Choi Chung-yeon, who is struggling to find balance in pitching by going through practice games and exhibition games.